The Allegheny Valley Land Trust, AVLT, advises that you use the trail sensibly. We provide this information to support your enjoyment, and have made a serious effort to present accurate descriptions and summarize trail status. However we are human, trails change over time, and we occasionally receive incorrect information. Weather, wear, construction, vandalism, changes in land status and other forces can alter conditions, erode trail surfaces, create obstacles, or even close the trail. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for discrepancies between these descriptions and actual trail conditions. Under no circumstances does the AVLT recommend that you trespass on adjacent private lands or other sensitive areas, or break any laws. Nor do we ever recommend that you do anything dangerous; some trail activities have intrinsic risks, for which you must assume responsibility. Additional risks are inherent in the mix of activities that take place on the trails. Everyone who sets out on the trip assumes personal responsibility, not only for his or her safety, but also for the safety of others on the trip. Ultimately, the quality of your experience depends upon your own common sense and good judgment.