The Armstrong Trail is currently has about 34 miles of Trail to maintain. To increase responsible use and enjoyment, we need people to pick up litter, remove debris, help be the eyes and ears of the trail, and help us maintain the trail.  Maintenance only needs to be done a few times each year, and it makes a great neighborhood or community project. Please consider adopting a section of Trail near your home or adopt a section that you most enjoy!

Things to do on your adopted mile:

  •  Pick up trash and remove debris on the treadway. As you walk or ride your section, occasionally bring along a bag to collect paper, cans, and other litter along the Trail
  •  Prior to mowing times please check the area 6 to 8 feet on either side of the Trail’s treadway for stones, branches, roots, trash, or anything else that would damage a mower while trimming the edge.
  • Report problems, debris, abuses, encroachments, and obstacles that require larger tools to Allegheny Valley Land Trust  724 543-4478.  This includes trees down, large logs at the edge of the trail, rock slides, holes, bumps in the trail, blocked drains,etc. Use Mile Markers as a reference to problem along the trail.
  •  If possible, following storms, check your mile and report any problems, trees down, blocked drains, etc, to Allegheny Valley Land Trust  724-543-4478.

If you are interested in helping with trail maintenance workdays please CLICK HERE and leave your name, phone number and email address.

When the Trail is well-maintained, those enjoying the Trail are more likely to use it with respect and responsibility.

If you want to adopt a mile, CLICK HERE  leave the Adopt a Mile Committee a