The Armstrong Trail is currently has about 30 miles of Trail, in various stages of development, to maintain. To increase responsible use and enjoyment, we need people to pick up litter, prepare the Trail for mowing by removing rocks and limbs, and prevent grass and weeds from taking over chipped stretches. This is a big job! If several ARTA members would each take responsibility for just one mile of Trail, we can get it done. Maintenance only needs to be done a few times each year, and it makes a great neighborhood or community project. Please consider adopting a section of Trail near your home or adopt a section that you most enjoy!

Things to do on your adopted mile:

  •  Pick up trash. As you walk or ride your section, occasionally bring along a bag to collect paper, cans, and other litter along the Trail.
  •  Trim branches back to the trunk when possible and clear overhead to 10 feet high when possible. This maintains year round clearance for trail maintenance equipment. Trimmed branches should be thrown at least 10 feet off the mowed sections of the trail and put on pile when possible. The riverside of the trail is the preferred side to pile the branches. This enables better access for storm water drains and swales maintenance on the side next to the river.
  •  Prior to mowing times please check the area 6 to 8 feet on either side of the Trail for stones, branches, roots, trash, or anything else that would damage a mower while trimming the edge. Trim branches up 2-3 feet from the ground and back 6-8 feet, where practical, for mower clearance.
  • Report problems and obstacles that require larger tools to Allegheny Valley Land Trust (large logs at the edge of the trail, rock slides, holes, bumps in the trail, etc.)  to or  724-543-4478. Use Mile Markers as a reference to problem along the trail.
  •  Monitor and trim around mileage markers, signs, and benches.

Additional work that can be done if you have the time and desire:

  •  Scrape off weeds and moss encroaching on the edge of the Trail.
  •  Remove weeds growing in the chipped areas.

When the Trail is well-maintained, those enjoying the Trail are more likely to use it with respect and responsibility.

If you want to adopt a mile, CLICK HERE  leave the Adopt a Mile Committee a